Find Opportunity in Thurston County

Because of Thurston County’s strategic location as the mid-point between Portland and Seattle along the I-5 corridor, the county has a solid infrastructure that can provide services and access to the entire state of Washington and the West Coast as well. This infrastructure offers access points to vibrant communities, emerging industrial and commercial business parks, access to the state’s major recreational opportunities, as well as to strong clusters of business activity.

With Olympia as the state capitol, Thurston County’s economy is often thought of as being very government-centric. Although state government does account for over 40 percent of the county workforce, in the last several years, the county has had a dramatic shift in the diversification of its workforce. Professional services are one of the main industries here, with tech, Internet and web companies and legal and consultant firms serving as the anchors of this sector. Other strong industries include:

  1. Warehouse and distribution businesses that take advantage of the transportation links
  2. Medical services that provide emergency and maintenance health care for the surrounding five-county region
  3. Traditional manufacturing by many of our local producers that captures a significant piece of their specific global market
  4. An emerging life sciences community that has grown in the region within the last five years

In addition, Thurston County has undergone rapid growth in its population over the past twenty years, consistently ranking as one of the fastest-growing counties in the state. In fact, the population of Thurston County is projected to grow by approximately 40% over the next twenty years. As this transformation takes place, each of the communities in the county has proactively managed growth to ensure and maintain a quality place to live and work for its residents.